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Expertise & Experience

With well over 40 years in the industry, the Apogee team possesses exceptional specialized metalworking expertise. That’s why we’re the go to provider of precision parts for the medical, lighting, automotive, defense and the electronics industry.


The Nation’s Largest Importer of Refractory Metals

Enjoy a shorter project timeline & cost savings by taking advantage of our well-established sourcing relationships for Titanium, Tantalum, and Niobium.


Proven Speed & Reliability

Accelerated timelines are no problem when you choose Apogee Precision Parts. Our amazing team can take you from print to part in as little as seven days. We’re proud to stand behind our work: check our record for delivering the best.


Superior Service

We work closely with our customer from design through production. Our work is of exceptional quality, built to the most demanding specifications.


About Apogee

Apogee Precision Parts is a division of National Chain Group, the country’s most well known producer of high-quality fashion chain. If you’re a fan of Modern Marvels or How It’s Made, you’ve seen our work! Apogee Precision Parts began when a trio of three experienced metalworking professionals came together to find the best way to put their precision parts expertise and specialized refractory metals knowledge to the test. Over the years, Apogee has served as an industry laboratory, continually improving and refining the processes by which refractory metals are drawn and stamped. We’d love to talk to you about how our innovations can make your life easier. Why don’t you give us a call?

Need precision parts in a hurry? Let’s connect now: 401-732-3634  or email us  info@apogeeprecisionparts.com.

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