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From Print to Part in a Week

Apogee gets the job done right the first time. Our expertise and infrastructure allow us to take on any size job and provide superior service and support through the quoting, purchasing, tooling and manufacturing process on even the most accelerated timeline.

Apogee saves you money. Innovative processes mean minimal tooling costs. In house inspection processes ensure all parts are well within allowable tolerances, streamlining production and eliminating expensive downtime and delays. Finally, our scalable pricing makes us the ideal supplier for large volume projects.

Your Refractory Metals Specialist

We’re among the nation’s leading importers of refractory metals. Our well-established supply chain means we enjoy competitive pricing on all raw materials: a savings we pass along to you.


Stamped Parts

Up to 60 tons of press capacity, we create precision stamped parts from flat stock. Refractive metals are our specialty!

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Drawn Parts

A full range of multi-station transfer presses makes Apogee the provider of choice for high-quality drawn parts.  We can create length to diameter ratios of 10:1 and a variety of wall thicknesses, ranging from .003 to .040.

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CNC Multi-Axis Milled Parts

We have multiple Haas 3 axis milling centers capable of producing precision machined parts rapidly. Choose us when your project absolutely, positively has to be done on time!

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State of the Art, Green cleaning system

All our parts are washed in our 100% green cleaning system. Our computer monitored, ultrasonic system separated ‘green’ solvents from drawing oils, allowing oils to be reclaimed and recycled with zero residue.

  • Computer monitered
  • 100% green cleaning
  • separation of green solvent from drawing oils allowing oils to be reused with zero residue remaining on parts

Secondary Operations

There’s nothing we can’t do! Our team of skilled welders and assemblers perform secondary operations to your specifications, streamlining the print to production process.

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